What Are the Thinking Hats?

Thinking hats is a concept found by Edward de Bono, on the ways of dealing with problems, and coming up with the best solutions through different ways and methods.

This method of problem solving is efficient as it allows to look at the problem from different angels, analyzing the information in hand, and link them together to decide on the best way to deal with specific situation.

Let’s now dive a bit deeper to understand the concept of the thinking hats, and here, let me take you with me in this little journey...


What Does Each Of These Hat Stand For?

Once upon a time there was a dude called Cheesy, this Cheesy was known in his school as the geek due to the online stuff he always does, some that were for good and some other shady ones.

Once he was chilling at his room accompanying his laptop, and out of the blue he found himself arrested by the police and transferred to the local police station, in a room with a table, two chairs and low lighting.

In that room there was a one-sided mirror that allow people seeing what’s in the room and preventing the same on the people inside the room. Behind that mirror, there was a dude known of his sharp experience and intelligence looking at cheesy.

Couple of minutes passed, and that dude behind the mirror decided that this case needs a white hat, so he picked up the phone and asked to a white hat to be there as soon as possible. Some minutes passed and the white hat arrived, entered the
room, and started investigating Cheesy. Listen “he said”, I have all the official documents, files, videos, and text message that proves you guilty thus tell the truth and don’t waste your and our time, and it was what happened. Cheesy confessed it all, and based on his confession, couple of days later, the police sat him free back to his room and laptop.


*     White Hat:

A white hat is someone who depends on facts and legal evidence to solve problems and find the answers to questions, his power lies in his ability to get his hand on official evidence and facts, and all in legal ways


Couple of days passed, and the same scenario again, policed broke into Cheesy’s house, arrested him, and sent him to that local police station, in the same room, on the same chair he was waiting again, and the same dude looking at him from behind that mirror.

A bit of minutes, and that dude picked his phone and called a black hat to investigate Cheesy, and that was it, couple of minutes and that black hat was in front of Cheesy, looking into his eyes, then said, I know everything about you, I know your cons and weaknesses, and I have information that no one know about which by I can get you beyond the 7th ground, so say all you have right away.

Under that black hat pressure, Cheesy couldn’t resist more and said all that he knows and doesn’t know. And as before, after couple of days he was sat free to his house again.


*     Black Hat:

Like the cons, always dig to find the what’s hidden tings and focus on the negative side of them, he always digs deep about anything his eyes get on, and his power lies in his ability to find the flaws and the errors in things and use them against the victim either for good or bad.


This month was a calm one, Cheesy got in no troubles, though he didn’t quit on the things he was doing.

But that calmness didn’t last for long, because Cheesy is again on that damn chair, under that know light, though time things are different, Cheesy learned from the two previous times and this time he is well prepared, and decided not to confess no matter what... I mean two times were enough to learn!

This time after some people entered the room and talked to Cheesy, that dude behind the mirror, his hands on his phone again, after figuring out that this case will be solved by a green hat.

Minutes matter, and the green hat was in the room talking to Cheesy, you seem to be a smart dude “he said”, leaving Cheesy confused he continued, with the abilities and the resources you have you can achieve a lot, you can go real far in life, just focus on yourself and the skills you have and you will harvest magnificent results, thus why not to start changing from now! tell me why you are here? “He asked”.

Cheesy under a big shock of the unexpected things he has just heard, started telling the green hat all of what he has done and more about how he’s going to change.


*     Green Hat:

A creative and practical person, always try to find creative & out of the box solutions to improve and lift up all that his eyes get on.


Well, Hi from the future! I bet you asking about Cheesy’s plans on changing and so on, well he put some effort and sticked for couple of days before he got back to his usual life, doing stuff online in his dark room.

and you guessed it right, now he is in a visit to the local police station, in that same exact room, with the same dude looking at him from behind that mirror.

Well, after some officers talked to Cheesy, that dude called them out and asked for a yellow hat, as he thinks the case this time requires a yellow hat...

Cheesy in that room waiting for the same scenario to be repeated, took a strong decision not to tell a word this time, a real one not like the last, though while he was diving deep in his thoughts a pretty girl gets into the room, takes a seat, and look Cheesy in the eyes, then started talking, I’m here for u, here to help you, just ask for whatever you want and it will come true, just tell me your secrets and you will get all your dreams come true, we will get you a luxury house, a dope car, a lot of money and your dream job, all of that for you and just for some information in return.

Cheesy is getting weak against what this yellow hat is saying, and her offers started playing around in his mind, and after fierce inner battles with his thoughts, he decided to keep holding and not fall for all these offers...


*     Yellow Hat:

Focuses on the rewards and the positive results that may come out of specific actions or things his eyes get on, always looking and devoting his focus on the positive results and rewards resulted by following specific actions or embracing a certain behavior.

Though Cheesy learned from his previous mistakes, and kept stubborn, there’s still that intelligent dude watching from behind that mirror, who eventually decided that this case won’t be solved unless a red hat is included. And that was it, five minutes and a gorgeous lady opens the door, walks in, takes the yellow hat’s seat, and start looking into Cheesy’s eyes with her feminine looks, leaving Cheesy melting...

A couple of melting seconds for Cheesy passed, and then, why you have these bemused looks on your face? “She asked him”, you seem to be a really good person, someone who owns such a white heart shouldn’t get this puzzled, “The she puts her hand on his, and continued” relax! And by the way, you look like to be humorous guy, I like such dudes. Thought tell me, what’s interrupting you?

You guessed it right, Cheesy told the story of his life since he was born till the moment, she put her hand on his.


*      Red Hat:

her field is the feelings, and her power lies in her ability to understand the person’s feelings, manipulate and use those feelings to get to what she wants.


*      Blue Hat:

The blue hat is that dude standing behind that mirror watching Cheesy and analyzing his character and reactions, then decide on the way that is the best fit for finding the perfect solution to the problem.

A Blue-Hat takes the issue, analyze it, rate it and link things together to decide on the best solution to this issue, his solutions, and ways to get them varies depending on the issue itself and the circumstances, his power lies in his intelligence and flexibility to embrace different types of mindsets to reach for the best results.


What’s The Link Between The Thinking Hats Concept And Hackers?

As mentioned, the Thinking-Hats is a way of thinking “problem solving”, thus these thinking hats were applied on Hackers to kind of define and categorize them based on their aims and the ways they use to get to those aims.

Thus, today Hackers are categorized in certain categories defining them, their aims, ways they use to reach those aims, as for example the most notorious types of hackers, the White Hat Hacker is also known as the Ethical Hackers, the Black Hat Hackers or the Bad Dudes, and last but not least, the Grey Hat Hackers.

Besides the other kinds of Hackers, that we will cover in the coming article, clearing each type in details showing their aims, motives and what each type does.



The Thinking-Hats method is a way of thinking or more specifically a way of looking at problems, before it is a base that categorizes Hackers, thus it can be implemented in any aspect of life, as it is efficient at solving issues as it opens the sight for different ways of looking at the situations, which means having different solutions to the same exact problem.

As we are interested in the Cyber-Security world and our articles cover the Hacking-Related topics, we see that it is  crucial for each one who’s into the field of Hacking like you to be acquainted with this topic before jumping to knowing the actual types of Hackers, thus you can get a deeper understanding to each type and as well get familiar with a great way that can help you even outside the Cyber field.

Thanks for reading!


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