Who am I?

I'm a software engineering student, and cyber security admirer.

Why did I create this blog?

I love knowing more about my field and documenting my learning journey, thus I decided to create this blog where I'll be sharing my experience, thoughts, and the new things I learn everyday with as many people as possible, especially the alike-minded ones.

A big part of my goal is also to encourage those who find Cyber-Security & programming related topics heavy and indigestible, to read more about it, as I believe it has become a necessity nowadays, therefore I try to put things out in light on ears way accompanied with a decent value .  


Please note that I ain't claiming to be the best of the best, or a professional in the field, but a passionate learner who's sharing what he learns and documenting his journey, as it could help or be a source of inspiration to someone.

I do my best to verify any information I share on this blog, provide value, and combine information on the topics from different resources adding up to it my own knowledge phrasing it my way, to save you time searching multiple resources on the internet.

Thus, if you think that there is any false information shared on this blog, please note it out in the comments on the article, or contact me directly via email with your feedbacks.


Always be passionate about learning more, because this is the way you get better at things, Thus always look for information from different sources, compare and get out with your own solid understanding and conclusions.

And last but not least, if you have any inquiries, feedback, or criticism, contact me, I'd be glad to receive your emails.

Thanks for your time!

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